Hi, I’m Stacie! Welcome to The Modern Menu!

I live in the sunny Canadian prairies with my husband, David, and our two dogs: Jersey (a Yorkie-Poodle mix), and Izzy (an Irish Setter-Poodle mix). I work full-time as an analyst within the Healthcare sector, specifically Emergency Medicine.

What started out as an Instagram account to document my first shot at the Whole30, quickly became my place to share new recipes and food creations. I also developed a love for food photography so what better idea than to combine it and start a blog!

I believe in eating whole, REAL food.  I’ve done a few rounds of Whole30 which is a great starting point to reset and figure out which foods cause irritation in your body. My food freedom now includes grains and some dairy (cheese is definitely an indulgence for me). While I don’t rule out any particular food group, I try to source wholesome, local ingredients.

I’m passionate about toxic-free, green living including the use of essential oils. There are so many small steps we can take to not only remove toxins from our daily lives but also reduce our ecological footprint.

When I’m not on the computer (work/blog) or cooking, I enjoy exercising (CrossFit, hot yoga) and being active, especially outdoors. Singing is also a huge passion and I actively participate in the music program at my local church. I have a keen eye for interior design and enjoy decorating my home. Travel is also another passion of mine – check out the Lifestyle section of my blog for all non-food related posts.

Thanks for being here – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!